10-3 three-way convergence

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2009)
The Stevo's were married October 3, 2006.
The Stevo's were married October 3, 2006.

It was three years ago today that Mrs. Stevo and I had our wedding reception. We were married the July before at the registry office: That happens in China – months (or years) between the civil ceremony and the reception. Mrs. Stevo thinks the reception is the proper occasion to commemorate. I disagree, but my thoughts on the matter aren’t important.

October 3, 2009 means three things, a strange convergence of lives, the lunar calendar, and past events. Our wedding anniversary, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the anniversary of the death of Mrs. Stevo’s grandfather (she thinks he died on this date so she would always remember him).

One day, three events. ‘Tis a strange world sometimes.


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