as is well for mr. and mrs. stevo

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2008)

I want to thank everyone for the avalanche of email. Yes, we are fine. The students and my school are fine. We are quite a distance from the earthquake zone and didn’t feel a thing yesterday during the event.

I would be there in Sichuan lending a hand with the relief efforts if that were realistic. My lack of language skills somewhat limits my participation. What I can do is collect funds for the efforts. Look in the upper right sidebar. If you’re able please donate a buck or two. I’ll see that it gets to where it’s needed most.

Thanks, my friends. Say a prayer if that’s your thing, or send your best wishes out to the universe.

17 thoughts on “as is well for mr. and mrs. stevo

  1. Kathleen: I’m in south-east China, right on the sea.

    Jackie: Look at the big brain on you. 🙂

    Wanda: I’m glad someone has faith.

    marianne: Merci. All donations happily accepted.

  2. Well, I have faith, too, but I heard the quake was felt as far away as Thailand. I can’t access the PayPal account — long story — so I’ll go through Mercy Corps.

    Keep us posted, please?

  3. I was glad to hear you and Mrs. Stevo are fine. Sorry to have contributed to the avalanche of email. It was one of those instant reactions as soon as I heard the story on the news.

    I will send my best wishes out to the universe.

    Robins last blog post..Thank you

  4. Hi Steve. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your helping raise funds.

    My company has operations in Cheng Du, and I was able to contribute via that avenue. I’m really saddened by the collapse of so many schools. It’s so devastating to read about the children who were killed and trapped, and the parents’ grief.

  5. bonesy: Thanks. It is heartbreaking (that sounds trite, but it’s true). I see the news and think that could have easily have been my students (and me).

  6. A bit late, but I’m glad to hear you’re okay too. I laughed at my parents when they called to ask about Katrina and the Southern California wildfires (even those were pretty far away), but I realize there are parts of the world I’m just as ignorant about.

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