Canada will take Facebook to Court

Canada will take Facebook to court

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2019)

Officials announced that Canada will take Facebook to court to force the social media behemoth to change its privacy policies. The move comes after alleged multiple privacy breaches, and Facebook’s dismissive attitude towards Canadian regulators.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada launched an investigation after the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the data of approximately 87 million Facebook users was “improperly accessed” by a third party. This includes the data of 622,000 Canadians.

Canada’s privacy watchdog found “serious contraventions” of Canada’s privacy laws related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, including Facebook having “ineffective safeguards and consent mechanisms”

“The stark contradiction between Facebook’s public promises to mend its ways on privacy and its refusal to address the serious problems we’ve identified — or even acknowledge that it broke the law — is extremely concerning,” Canada privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien said.

Financial Times

Facebook, in its usual fashion, refused to accept the Privacy Commissioner’s findings as well as refusing to enact further safeguards. This is not surprising: Mark Zuckerburg, the water-sipping extra-terrestrial CEO of Facebook, is never at fault…

Long story short: Canada will take Facebook to court to force Zuck and his gang of data thieves to “correct its privacy practices.”

What’s Facebook say?

… a spokesperson for Facebook said the company had been working with the Canadian watchdog to tackle many of the issues raised in the report, including “offering to enter into a compliance agreement”. The spokesperson added that there was “no evidence” that Canadians’ data had been shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Financial Times

It’s a not a good time to be Zuck – he is facing mounting problems with US regulators as well as a privacy breach investigation in Ireland.

Looks good on you, Zuck. I raise a frosty one to you over the weekend. As well as one to my “home and native land,” which today has made me proud.

I’m so happy I am no longer part of that toxic and suspect website.


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