kitchenless man contemplates slaying brother and feral cat

CHINA–Blissful sleep came to an abrupt end for The Stevo today. After three days of sleeping far later than his biology allows he was roused by the masked civet living in his kitchen. The cat, said The Stevo, was out of the bag. The burlap sack lay in shreds. A raccoon-like face stared at him before plunging back into the garbage bin. “I thought they would meow, it looks like a cat,” he said. Instead, he described a high-pitched whistle-cum-wail emanating from his glassed-in kitchen. “It’s pretty damn freaky,” said The Stevo. The civet was last seen feasting on a … Continue reading kitchenless man contemplates slaying brother and feral cat

feral civet keeps man from eating breakfast

Today was Day Three of sleeping like a “normal” person, although The Stevo is anything but normal. I awoke ravenous, wanting bacon and eggs. Both were in my larder, ready to be tossed into the wok and served with two thick slices of bread slathered in New Zealand butter. The masked civet in my kitchen prevented the cooking of, and feasting upon, of the previously mentioned breakfast items. Yes, a wild cat, inside a burlap bag, still sat on my kitchen floor. The civet, best known as the animal responsible for the SARS epidemic (or pandemic) in 2003, prevented me … Continue reading feral civet keeps man from eating breakfast

fox-like creatures and blissful sleep

For the first time in more than two years I slept eight entire hours. That’s right, last night I slept like a tired toddler. I’m usually up-and-at-em after four or five hours of shui jiao, a rather distressing habit. I awoke beside the lovely Mrs. Stevo, the sun streaming through the somewhat dirty window. I could hear birds chirping and students laughing as they walked to school. Idyllic comes to mind. Upon leaving the haven of our bed I was assaulted by real life. There was no coffee in the kitchen. In fact, there was a live, fox-like creature inside … Continue reading fox-like creatures and blissful sleep