the cat is out of the bag (almost), and a contest

Remember I said The Stevos’ have a secret? No, I’m not gay. (Sorry Grandma, I know you want to march in the Pride Parade.) No, my wife is not really a man as some have speculated. No, I’m not a cyborg, although that might be cool. An English-teaching version of Robocop? Stevo has lost his fat belly? Well, that’s not really a secret. What’s the secret? Why has The Stevo lowered himself to posting a photo of a cat on his blog? (What did cat lovers do before the internet?) Wait and see. Better yet, enter and see. That’s right, … Continue reading the cat is out of the bag (almost), and a contest

what’s the dealio, yo?

My days of pimping products and crap for PPP and other ridiculous web outfits are over. Yeah, I’ll miss the easy cash but I do have morals. Bearing the previous statements in mind, I’ll admit the rest of this post is a giant advertisement.

Why, Sti Fu? Why? Because: This is something I use, happily. I want you, all of you, to get a blog host.

To My Fellow Bloggers: Are your words and images that unimportant they only deserve sub-domain status? Do you really want your URL to be No, you need a good blog host. Continue reading “what’s the dealio, yo?”

busy beaver

RT Cunningham at Untwisted Vortex, uncrowned prince of the blogosphere, has been as busy as a beaver as of late. Last week he posted some great articles on improving your blog. Want to know how to use Feedburner to offer RSS updates by email? RT is the man to see. Check out info on the Top of the Blogs, a new ranking service . Heard about Stumpedia? It is a new human-powered search engine. RT has been there and lived to tell the tale. RT is a knowledgeable guy that I met through Carrie at My Several Worlds. The man … Continue reading busy beaver