may day, doctors, desks, and randy chefs

It’s nearly May 1st. In my part of the world that means it is International Labor Day. I wrote a post about this holiday a year ago. Take a look if you dare. Labor Day used to constitute a 5-day holiday in China, three days being official and two optional to encourage tourism. It was a dandy break, half way through the school term. The government revised the holiday schedule, moving to a more Canadian system of long weekends, much to my chagrin. We now have three long weekends, one in April, May and possibly June (or September, no one … Continue reading may day, doctors, desks, and randy chefs

International Labor Day: A Workers’ holiday

May 1st is International Labor Day. This is a week-long, national holiday in China. In North America I had associated Labour (the correct Canadian spelling) Day, the September holiday, as a last-fling with summer. It was a day of barbeques, cold beer, and lawn chairs. Sure, there were union parades, that grew smaller and smaller as the years passed. After a couple of months in China I was given an entire week off, paid, for Labor Day, or May Day, or, International Workers’ Day. This is my third and I have never questioned the reasons behind such a holiday. Why … Continue reading International Labor Day: A Workers’ holiday