no more plastic bags

That right, as of June 1, China has banned plastic shopping bags. Well, not banned. They’re still available, but now you have to pay for them. From the CBC: China’s State Council said the ban will start June 1. Firms that continue to sell, make and distribute bags thicker than 0.025 mm thick will be given fines and authorities may seize goods and profits, the State Council said. “Our country consumes huge amounts of plastic bags every year. While providing convenience to consumers, they have also caused serious pollution, and waste of energy and resources, because of excessive use and … Continue reading no more plastic bags

as is well for mr. and mrs. stevo

I want to thank everyone for the avalanche of email. Yes, we are fine. The students and my school are fine. We are quite a distance from the earthquake zone and didn’t feel a thing yesterday during the event. I would be there in Sichuan lending a hand with the relief efforts if that were realistic. My lack of language skills somewhat limits my participation. What I can do is collect funds for the efforts. Look in the upper right sidebar. If you’re able please donate a buck or two. I’ll see that it gets to where it’s needed most. … Continue reading as is well for mr. and mrs. stevo