China News Round-up

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2009)

What’s up in the Middle Kingdom, news-wise? It’s never a dull news day when surfing for Chinese news. My faves this week:

father-christmas-in-harbinHARBIN: China’s freezing northern city of Harbin is building what organizers say is the world’s largest Santa Claus ice sculpture.

The giant Father Christmas, 160 meters (525 ft) long and 24 meters high, centers on an enormous face of Father Christmas, complete with flowing beard and hat.

…Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province on the edge of Siberia, is one of China’s coldest places. Winter temperatures can drop to below minus 35 degrees Celsius (- 31 F).

Every year the city plays host to a world-renowned ice festival. But the effects of global warming are taking a toll as the snow and ice now melt more rapidly than in the past.

Source: Reuters

I think the people of Harbin have erected a temple dedicated to global warming. Minus 35? No thanks. There are schools in Harbin that are always advertising for English teachers. No wonder the turn-over is so high.

BEIJING: A wolf has been captured by forestry workers near a part of China’s Great Wall close to Beijing which is popular with tourists, state media said on Thursday.

The wolf is being kept at a nature park and will be released in uninhabited mountains far from the Wall, Xinhua news agency said.

It was captured close to the Badaling section, it said, a restored part of the Wall many tour groups visit.

Sightings of the wolf prior to its capture had caused “widespread fear,” the report said.

Source: Reuters

I think the tourists fear the hawkers and ruthless Great Wall of China merchants (that follow you on your trek along the architectural masterpiece) more than any wolf. If they could relocate them to a distant wilderness area the wall would be a safer place.

5 thoughts on “China News Round-up

  1. Corina: I lived in a place that cold for three years. Not very fun during the winter.

    Julie: Tis.

    Shawn: Salesmen are less likable than wolves.

  2. I went to Harbin for this year’s Ice Festival right before Christmas (right when it opened). I was wearing about six layers, including thermals, as well as two scarves, two pairs of gloves…and was STILL cold! But it was so worth it to visit for a day. No idea how people live there!

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