International Children’s Day in China: My Kids

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2009)


June 1 is International Children’s Day, a calendar day widely celebrated in China. I don’t remember this holiday from my days as a child (although some would argue that I still indeed am a very big child.)


At my school it meant a day off for the little nippers, a day off without leaving the campus. Teachers gave gifts, and children ate voluminous amounts of junk food. Yes, children in China enjoy cookies and cakes, but spicy dried fish and chicken feet are also contenders for the top junk food spot.


These are my kids, a few of my faves to celebrate Children’s Day. Thanks to Expatriate Games for the inspiration.


9 thoughts on “International Children’s Day in China: My Kids

  1. You got some cute kids, Stevo. And kudos to you for even being able to teach them. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with little kids. It’s much easier to relate to college kids and older.

    Is that Toothless Rick I spy in the third photo?

  2. Ron: Yes, an egg. Thanks – A few of these were taken with my 400D and kit lens, as JPG. The quality leaves something to be desired.

    Corina: As precious as gold.

    Michael: I’ll drop you a line.

    Matt: Alas, no. He’s a large, happy lad. Cats are more sinister.

    Shawn: I should have been born 20 years later…

    Graham: Kids are easy. I can be fool and collect a paycheck. Yes, that is Rick. With his grown-up teeth he looks a little like a mouse.

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