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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2008)

CHINA: A handsome and fearless Canadian Grade 1 teacher announced earlier this week he is taking a break from his online life. The Stevo, aka Sti Fu, aka Teacher-teacher!, aka that prick with the camera, has temporarily hung up his spurs. Chief Editor and bottle washer of the hugely popular China Travel Blog, stevepeer.com said his health has been affected by logging too much computer time.

“Who knew staring at a small screen could be bad for you,” he said, “I suppose the next bombshell will be that smoking and booze aren’t good for you either.”

Sti Fu, after being diagnosed with a neck malady which resulted in limited use of his left arm and hand, issued a statement informing all and sundry that stevepeer.com will start publishing quality articles and photographs for its huge base of readers. With the help of the best writers and photographers in the blogosphere, the site will publish material with fewer grammatical errors and typos, and will continue to do so until feeling returns to his arm, the pain killers run out, or he get really really bored.

“I’ve taught Grade 1 for so long I have a very short attention span,” he said, “Four minutes, maybe five, and I have to do something different. That’s what’s great about…. About…. What were we talking about?”

Stay tuned, he urged the million readers that visit stevepeer.com each month. Good stuff is on the way.

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