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Fuck Zuck: Recalled to (blogging) Life

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2019)

Fuck Zuck: There, I said it.

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years
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Once upon a time there was a moderately successful blogger. Due to a change of career (and a pesky lawsuit) he sold his domain and archived his work.

In the intervening decade many things have changed while some have (annoyingly) stayed the same. We’ve witnessed the rise of social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitters as dominant forces, while flickr and Google Plus have fallen by the wayside. The art created by people around the world – the words, images, and (more recently) video has been relegated the term “content.” Sickening. We’ve seen the blog replaced by YouTube “Vlogs” and Facebook status updates. It’s instant gratification, dopamine-fueled, low-attention span pap. The tech world aside – it is unfortunate that Crocs are still worn by children and adults alike.

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I recently said, “Enough.” Fuck Zuck and his privacy-siphoning monopoly. My words, images, and thoughts (not to mention personal information, sold or stolen) will not line the pockets of his shareholders. As much as I enjoyed my friends, admirers, and haters on Facebook and IG, I could no longer be part of something so entirely corrupt.

“Put on your tinfoil hat, Stevo,” you say. “It’s all just a bit of fun.” We can agree to disagree.

I’ll climb off the moral high ground (while flipping the bird to Zuck) and get back to what I enjoyed: Taking photos and sharing stories of an expat living in Hong Kong.

There’s a lot of pruning to be done in my archive. With just shy of 400 posts, many of which containing links to long defunct plug-ins and websites, that will take time – but so did adding all the art to my 2,275 albums in iTunes. Please be patient. I’ll be adding a couple of new posts each week as well as republishing some classics from my eight years living in China.

This is a sort of homecoming – I started a blog originally when the social networking site I was part of (gather.com) became a cesspool – similar to what YouTube is today.

Back to basics. Recalled to life.

And a final salute and Fuck Zuck. Thank you and Fuck You.

Fuck Zuck

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