watchful gaze

A Thai Soldier stands guard at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, overseeing the arriving mourners. Princess Galyani Vadhana, sister of Thailand’s King Bhumibol, died after a long battle with cancer, January 2, 2008. The King declared 100 days of national mourning for the princess, who was deeply respected by Thai citizens for her work in arts and music, sports, education, and social welfare. Each day, thousands of mourning Thais, dressed in black, descended on the Bangkok’s Grand Palace to pay their respects. Memorials and shrines to the princess were set up around the country. Captured: February 2, 2008. ________________________ Tech … Continue reading watchful gaze

walking into the urban sunrise – a photo essay

It started with this:

start sunrise

I had been meaning to get out at dawn, to shoot from somewhere other than my balcony. If I were brave, I could count the images I’ve posted, all shot from my balcony/sniper’s nest.

Mrs. Stevo and a classmate (who I would interview later in the morning) were sharing the bed. Me, being the dutiful and insomnia affected husband, had taken the sofa. After seeing the above scene I quickly dressed and dashed out as quietly as I could. Shooting at sunrise is difficult proposition: The light changes by the minute. Continue reading “walking into the urban sunrise – a photo essay”

airports, bad moods, muppets, and students

It had been a bad day for Stevo. At 12:15 he stood outside the airport, unsure where the bus from Hong Kong would drop off the arriving teacher. Verbally assaulted by touts, pointed at by the unenlightened, tired, and nearly out of cigarettes, he stood alone under a street light, much like his loner-hero Phillip Marlowe. Pick out Liam and win a prize The new teacher’s flight had been delayed for more than an hour because of a typhoon. Stevo had waited in another part of the city, hours earlier, at the ferry terminal. The newest edition arrived too late … Continue reading airports, bad moods, muppets, and students

no golden showers for moi

An internet amigo wrote some months ago about wanting a golden shower. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. His golden shower was in fact a shower stall made of gold, not the practice some may be familiar with. I’m a simple man, materialistically and intellect-wise. While a shower made of gold would be pretty I don’t know if conventional cleaning products would be able to assist in removing the soap scum from the walls. Do they make Mr. Clean Gold? I digress. I don’t want a golden shower, I want a cold shower. As simple as that. I would like … Continue reading no golden showers for moi