double happiness redux

What do I like about China? (other than low taxes, cheap beer, and the availability of fried chicken.) The stories. In a country with 5000 years of recorded history there’s a tale or two to be told. While the Europeans were living in caves, a movie character once memorably said, the Chinese were building cities and sailing the oceans. I mentioned double happiness in a previous post and promised the whole story. Let us look back to the days of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 CE). The Tang Dynasty is considered a renaissance of sorts, the golden age of … Continue reading double happiness redux

bad days and wasted time – or – karma, again, kicks me in the nads

HSBC Building, Hong Kong Island

Some days it’s best to stay in bed.

I don’t like Hong Kong. The people that do think it’s a Shangri-La. It has everything, they say. It’s better than Disneyland. The sun rises and sets on/in HK.

Me? I say: Nay. Why?

  1. The foreign residents of Hong Kong are more obnoxious than those in Mainland China.
  2. Listening to Cantonese for an extended period makes me want to ram chopsticks in my ears.

But, I digress…

I went to Hong Kong a while back on a business matter. The day was doomed from the get-go. A co-worker and I boarded the fast bus to Honkers. Seventy minutes, the company advertises, from our district to Kowloon. Not bad. By Ferry, the next-fastest option, you’re looking at two hours.

As I was leaving Shenzhen and entering the Hong Kong SAR, the Chinese boarder guard placed my passport under a microscope-type thing. This caused a delay, and a nasty case of nerves for me. I am afraid of police officers, of any agency or stripe, without real reason. Continue reading “bad days and wasted time – or – karma, again, kicks me in the nads”


The Stevo’s have a secret. No, I won’t tell you what it is: It’s a secret. No, the world cannot expect a little Stevo any time soon. Have you seen The Omen (the original or remake)? A wee Stevo would make Damien Thorne look like a harbinger of goodwill. I’d be happy with a xiao gou (puppy), but Mrs. Stevo feels we should pass on our genes. Not a bad idea: My good looks, Mrs. Stevo’s beauty and innate goodness… Wanna know the secret? Stay tuned. Signed up for RSS email updates in the right sidebar (brought to you by … Continue reading secrets

kitchenless man contemplates slaying brother and feral cat

CHINA–Blissful sleep came to an abrupt end for The Stevo today. After three days of sleeping far later than his biology allows he was roused by the masked civet living in his kitchen. The cat, said The Stevo, was out of the bag. The burlap sack lay in shreds. A raccoon-like face stared at him before plunging back into the garbage bin. “I thought they would meow, it looks like a cat,” he said. Instead, he described a high-pitched whistle-cum-wail emanating from his glassed-in kitchen. “It’s pretty damn freaky,” said The Stevo. The civet was last seen feasting on a … Continue reading kitchenless man contemplates slaying brother and feral cat