Teaching in China: Eight days straight

One hundred and ninety-two hours.

Or 11520 seconds.

Or eight days.

That is how long before my next weekend. Our band of merry teachers must work eight days straight this week. May 1 thru 7 is the national holiday for international labour day (May 1). As is the case with most holidays in China, employees are required to work extra days to make up for the time incurred by the holiday.

i need sleep

It’s painful, but there are seven, unmolested days of rest at the end of the eight day stretch. More than my co-workers that had six weeks off for the winter break (I had 4 days) I really need a holiday. My lao po and I had planned on going to Thailand for a few days on the beach. Fate, that quirky bitch that makes it her lot to create misery in my existence, has dictated Thailand is out of the question.

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