hong kong dawn

I captured this while roaming around Yau Ma Tai (Hong Kong). Dawn is a great time for photography, you get a chance to see things rarely seen. And, it’s not blistering hot. Click the image to see a larger version. Dedicated to to Shawn at Brain Clutter. aside: I’ve been a bad blogger as of late. Real life has limited my time in the blogosphere. When the end-of-school-year madness is over in a week or two, I’ll get back to reading my faves. for the photo geeks: [lameda_exif id=900 info=”camera,focal_length,iso,aperture,shutter_speed”] spacer Continue reading hong kong dawn

meat cleavers, drawers, and heat syncs

It’s been a challenging week for The Stevo. I mentioned my new desk, complete with credenza and movable cabinet. Thursday morning saw me trying to shift furniture around an impossibly small space. Somehow, the cabinet portion became locked after I shut a drawer. After 20 fruitless minutes I was forced to grab ye ole meat cleaver to defeat the high security device. My desktop computer has looked disemboweled for several weeks. I added a massive SATI drive and never put the guts back in the tower. Given the new desk, I decided to reassembled my old friend. The heat sync … Continue reading meat cleavers, drawers, and heat syncs

fox-like creatures and blissful sleep

For the first time in more than two years I slept eight entire hours. That’s right, last night I slept like a tired toddler. I’m usually up-and-at-em after four or five hours of shui jiao, a rather distressing habit. I awoke beside the lovely Mrs. Stevo, the sun streaming through the somewhat dirty window. I could hear birds chirping and students laughing as they walked to school. Idyllic comes to mind. Upon leaving the haven of our bed I was assaulted by real life. There was no coffee in the kitchen. In fact, there was a live, fox-like creature inside … Continue reading fox-like creatures and blissful sleep