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Zuckerberg flips off Canada despite parliamentary summons

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2019)

Embattled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg flips off Canada this week when he refused to attend hearings held in Ottawa. Despite summonses from the Canadian Parliament, Ole Zuck has said, in the immortal words of South Park, Fuck Canada.

Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg received the summonses, Facebook announced Monday neither would attend. A major international gather examining Silicon Valley and it’s (ed: negative) impact on privacy and democracy is underway in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. The meeting will see lawmakers from at least 10 countries, representing 450 million people, attend.

Although unclear, both Zuckerberg and Sandberg could be held in contempt of Parliament for refusing to attend. Facebook is sending also-rans Kevin Chan, head of public policy for Facebook Canada, and Neil Potts, director of public policy.

“It’s not that hard to jump on a plane and make some time to hear from legislators and answer their questions,” said Bob Zimmer MP, and the chair of the Canadian parliamentary committee hosting the international meeting, told CNN Monday.

“Nobody is going to come with some handcuffs and arrest them (ed: we can only dream of such a day), but to be held in contempt by an entire country would not serve any platform well,” he added.

A Facebook spokesperson responded, “We look forward to answering their questions and remain committed to working with world leaders, governments, and industry experts to address these complex issues,” the spokesperson said.

Mark Zuckerberg flips off Canada? He wouldn’t pull that sh*t in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. He’s been all over Europe to defend/deflect Facebook’s privacy and lack thereof, but can’t make time for us Canucks? Insulting. I wish I had a Facebook account so I could delete it again.

Zuck: I know you see Canada a frozen piss-pot backwater of 30 million people, but you don’t diss the government. You have all the sense of a handless pickpocket.

Source: CNN
Photo: Photographer Andrew Harrer, Bloomberb

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