Giving birth in China: It’s all over but the crying

Mrs. Stevo and I will go to the hospital this morning – the goal being the birth of Baby Stevo. My lovely wife is not due until June 11 but during a recent hospital visit the doctor suggested Mrs. Stevo induce labour.

Taiwan Travel: Longshan Temple

I spent a few days in Taiwan, more business than pleasure. I managed to get in a little Taiwan travel and met long-time amigos Carrie from My Several Worlds and Craig, majordomo of Craig Ferguson Images.

Back from the desert: Stevo in Dubai

I spent almost a week in Dubai, business hub and home of the world’s largest white elephant building. What can I say about Dubai? It’s hot. It’s surrounded by desert (except for the ocean side), and, the expats outnumber the locals seven to one.

Blowing in the wind

Chinese Lunar New Year is long gone. The lanterns (above) are packed away until the next firework-fueled blow out: Two weeks of the year that an entire nation stops. When the next new year arrives I will be father.

China Photo: Rain, rain, go away

The weather in Shenzhen, China – actually across the entire region – has been dark and dreadful as of late. It’s not winter anymore, but the March/April rainy blahs can get you down.