104 weeks later

On July 31, 2006 a slightly bitter expat English teacher married a gentle Chinese lass. In the registry office he couldn’t read the form or make the appropriate pledge.

double happiness redux

What do I like about China? (other than low taxes, cheap beer, and the availability of fried chicken.) The stories. In a country with 5000 years of recorded history there’s a tale or two to be told. While the Europeans were living in caves, a movie character once memorably said, the Chinese were building cities…

messing about with double happiness

This is a little something I’m messing around with. Mrs. Stevo spent the afternoon shopping (that’s not much of a shock) and I was short a model. Never being one to shy away from the camera, I stood in her stead. The point of this will become apparent when the project, something really cool, is…

beautiful bride

Congratulations, D and E. Captured (not by me, I was performing the service): July 14, 2008. Luckily, I didn’t have to get into giving wedding toasts.

Marriage in China: After one year

You were stunning that day, your eyes and smile sparkling more than the dresses you wore. People say you are more beautiful now than then, glowing after a year of marriage.

Chinese Weddings: Do you remember?

Do you remember one year ago? The sweaty train ride, me worried about another bout of near-heat stroke? Arriving late in Changsha? Racing through the streets of a city we didn’t know to a registry office we weren’t sure was open? Do you remember completing the forms and making our promise before the three uniformed…