International Children’s Day in China: My Kids

June 1 is International Children’s Day, a calendar day widely celebrated in China. I don’t remember this holiday from my days as a child (although some would argue that I still indeed am a very big child.)

Bridges, Hong Kong, and boxes of stuff

Monday is Qing Ming Jie, or, Tomb Sweeping Day. On this day people pay respect to their ancestors by cleaning tombs and making offerings of food, liquor, and ghost money.

Chinese New Year Shopping

Christmas may be shopping craziness in North America, but Chinese New Year is a festival that lasts for 14 days – imagine the shopping that goes into that?

International Labor Day: A Workers’ holiday

May 1st is International Labor Day. This is a week-long, national holiday in China. In North America I had associated Labour (the correct Canadian spelling) Day, the September holiday, as a last-fling with summer. It was a day of barbeques, cold beer, and lawn chairs. Sure, there were union parades, that grew smaller and smaller…