China News: This and that

What have I been up to? A little bit of this and that. Chinese business and visiting a dentist in China.

An Asian model smile for Thursday

I met this Asian model at a Beijing, China trade show in May. For some reason she ignored the gaggle of other photographers and kept looking at me.

off-stage attention

I trotted home for my Canon EOS 40D and my new Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L USM IS lens to shoot the Mid-Autumn Show.

hot, teacher, hot!

The result of basketball on a sunny, sub-tropical afternoon. Raymond was a tad hot, as was the photographer. To do this justice you need to view it larger. Click the image. Captured: July 21, 2008. ________________________ Tech Stuff: [lameda_exif id=971 info=”camera,focal_length,iso,aperture,shutter_speed”] spacer spacer Subscribe to asian ramblings. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner spacer

9 balconies

Nine balconies, at the local police barracks. Captured: June 5, 2008. for the photographers: [lameda_exif id=927 info=”camera,focal_length,iso,aperture,shutter_speed”] spacer

following the follower

Maybe that’s my attraction to China, and China Travel. Temples, tombs, and houses that hold the energy of the generations…

glory days

Once upon a time, in small Northern, Ontario (Canada) town, Stevo was a reporter. Some more pretentious people like to call themselves journalists. I don’t. I was a reporter, and a photographer for a weekly newspaper with a circulation of 14000. I didn’t like it, most of the time. Driving to car accidents late at…

Guilin Tower: A tale of photo lighting

Reconnaissance is important, any military-type or pre-sale shopper will agree. Photographically onquering the Guilin tower was no different. On my summer trip to Guilin I did a little scouting before snapping away. On a map, on my cheap hostel bed, I plotted what I wanted to shoot, and then went for a little walk. A…