Shenzhen “Spring” on the promenade

Last week it was hot – shorts-weather. This week? I’m wearing a toque and long-johns. There’s no insulation in south China homes – plain cement walls.

A day on Sanmenkou Island, Shenzhen

If you’re from a large city you can appreciate what Sanmenkou Island in Shenzhen has to offer. Few cars, few people: It’s peaceful, quiet, and serene.

Morning Deliveries

The multitude of small markets in my neighborhood in Shenzhen, China, receive their fresh vegetables and assorted other edibles each day.

Chinese Food: SPAM

My life, teaching English in China: What do you do on a Saturday night when your friends abandon you? Eat SPAM and drink Super Light beer.

Friday on the court

ESL Teachers and a student take part in a basketball game as part of a school charity event in Shenzhen, China.

Sidewalk cobbler

In China, a cobbler repairs shoes on a busy sidewalk while you wait.