A grandmother and granddaughter snack outside of Chen Jia Si, or the Chen Family Academy, in Guangzhou, China.

reflections in the water

Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou, China, is a mammoth green space in the city’s north end, and home to several landmarks including the Zhenhai Tower and the Statue of the Five Rams.

live from guangzhou…

That’s right, I’m on the road, in Guangzhou (Canton), capital of Guangdong province. What’s up for today? The Martyrs’ Memorial, the Chen family compound, a temple or two, and then colonial architecture at the lovely Shamian Island. This is mostly a test post to see if my new notebook computer works on the road. Ta,…

Guangzhou: City of rams

Guangzhou is nicknamed Wuyangcheng (City of Five Rams) and Yangcheng (City of Rams). A sculpture of the legendary five rams was erected in Yuexiu Park