watching the worker

I was roaming around with my Canon 40D, a companion that weighs nearly as much as my wife.

walking into the urban sunrise – a photo essay

It started with this: I had been meaning to get out at dawn, to shoot from somewhere other than my balcony. If I were brave, I could count the images I’ve posted, all shot from my balcony/sniper’s nest. Mrs. Stevo and a classmate (who I would interview later in the morning) were sharing the bed….

Marriage in China: After one year

You were stunning that day, your eyes and smile sparkling more than the dresses you wore. People say you are more beautiful now than then, glowing after a year of marriage.

airports, bad moods, muppets, and students

It had been a bad day for Stevo. At 12:15 he stood outside the airport, unsure where the bus from Hong Kong would drop off the arriving teacher. Verbally assaulted by touts, pointed at by the unenlightened, tired, and nearly out of cigarettes, he stood alone under a street light, much like his loner-hero Phillip…