Chinese Food: Duck, Duck, Goose

The Guangdong boys eat duck. Duck for lunch, duck for dinner. Cantonese Roast Duck, stewed duck, duck soup, duck heads, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck.

Chinese food you never want to eat

There’s food in China that visitors consider strange. Rabbit heads, chicken’s feet, civet cat, organ meat: This is something you don’t want to try.

Chinese Food: SPAM

My life, teaching English in China: What do you do on a Saturday night when your friends abandon you? Eat SPAM and drink Super Light beer.

Chinese bamboo, not roses

No roses for me. Long-stem roses are cheap in China, about $0.45 US each. Chinese bamboo is cheaper.

Sunny day noodles

The specialty of the house is Suan La Fen, or Sour Spicy Rice Noodles.

Chinese Food: Red Rice

What’s this? Bhutanese red rice? Red Cargo rice from Thailand? It doesn’t matter: It’s tasty.