Hong Kong Photo: Getting Ready

Craig Ferguson, a master photographer, recommends getting up early, one of the tips in his new photography ebook. I believe sleep is over-rated.

hong kong splash of color

A delightful red building in the midst of drab surroundings, near Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR.

visual hangover

Mongkok, (Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR) is a lot like a hang over if seen during the early-morning hours. The trash and debris of the night before litter the streets. It’s ugly and disappointing, much like the one-night-stands the causes of the trash and debris discover as they wake after a big night out. Dedicated cleaners…


I had a dozen better things to do last Saturday than go to Hong Kong, but go to Hong Kong I did. The guest house wanted a deposit on the rooms for our upcoming staff excursion. They didn’t mention they were unlicenced. Giving 3000 Hong Kong Dollars to an unlicenced Guest House is not the…