messing about with double happiness

This is a little something I’m messing around with. Mrs. Stevo spent the afternoon shopping (that’s not much of a shock) and I was short a model. Never being one to shy away from the camera, I stood in her stead. The point of this will become apparent when the project, something really cool, is…

better than reality TV

Outside my window. I’d rather watch this than Survivor, or the evil and vacant Tyra Banks on ANTM. big brother is another story. Captured: May 2, 2008, Shenzhen, China


The sunrise from my 5th floor perch, my lens through the lens of Oakley sunglasses. I’ve always liked to wear Oakleys, they are very cool. I never thought they would make a great photography accessory.

serious in the sunlight

A serious-looking student leaves his afternoon English class. Shenzhen, China. Captured: April 14, 2008.

stairwell portraits

You’ve seen my self-portrait on the stairs. The photo of my wife, from the same shoot, is much better. If only I’d been observant enough to spot the damn watch.