going for broke

One of the best things about traveling, about teaching ESL, is the things I see and the students I meet. Summer camp is a misnomer compared with North American summer camp. There are no tents, campfires, marshmallows, or canoes. There are English lessons, games, and contests. After a day in the classroom the ESL teachers…

hot, teacher, hot!

The result of basketball on a sunny, sub-tropical afternoon. Raymond was a tad hot, as was the photographer. To do this justice you need to view it larger. Click the image. Captured: July 21, 2008. ________________________ Tech Stuff: [lameda_exif id=971 info=”camera,focal_length,iso,aperture,shutter_speed”] spacer spacer Subscribe to asian ramblings. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner spacer

an ewok and questions on the stairs

Nancy is comically short. Grade 1 students are small but Nancy’s proportions place her in a different visual class than her contemporaries. I nicknamed her “The Ewok” out of affection. If she was hairier she could easily be one of George Lucas’ Return of the Jedi characters. I was standing on the stairs between classes….

ESL in China: First days – Looking down

I don’t remember much about that Sunday, looking back after three years. It was cold, I recall, much colder than I thought it should be in a sub-tropical area. I huddled in my apartment, on the thin-padded wooden sofa.

glory days

Once upon a time, in small Northern, Ontario (Canada) town, Stevo was a reporter. Some more pretentious people like to call themselves journalists. I don’t. I was a reporter, and a photographer for a weekly newspaper with a circulation of 14000. I didn’t like it, most of the time. Driving to car accidents late at…

airports, bad moods, muppets, and students

It had been a bad day for Stevo. At 12:15 he stood outside the airport, unsure where the bus from Hong Kong would drop off the arriving teacher. Verbally assaulted by touts, pointed at by the unenlightened, tired, and nearly out of cigarettes, he stood alone under a street light, much like his loner-hero Phillip…