Jackie Chan cooked me lunch


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jackie-chan-punchThat’s not entirely true. I cooked Jackie Chan’s pre-made frozen dumplings for lunch. Can a kung-fu star’s foray into pre-prepared cuisine be tasty?

Most North Americans know Jackie Chan for his humorous martial arts films. He’s famous for doing his own stunt work, and paying the price, in broken bones, for the fantastic scenes that make it onto film. But did you know Jackie Chan:

  • Is a successful recording artist, having released 20 albums since the 1980s
  • Owns a chain of sushi restaurants called Jackie’s Kitchen
  • Has his own clothing line
  • Don’t forget Jackie Chan’s Signature Club (gym), and his line of nutritional supplements
  • And, Jackie Chan’s Anti-Falling Shampoo. That’s the English translation I see in the supermarket. The shampoo is supposed to prevent baldness. I should give it a try before I end up looking like the proverbial cue ball.

Mr. Chan’s is almost as famous as JFK for his philandering ways. He fathered a daughter with his mistress, Miss Asia winner Elaine Ng. The paparazzi has linked Jackie Chan to several other Asian stars. But enough about Jackie Chan’s mistress(es), on to the dumplings.


I was dubious upon seeing Jackie’s smiling visage in the frozen food section of the supermarket. What does a kung fu master know about dumplings? His father, I discovered, was a cook at the French embassy in Hong Kong. Had he passed a secret recipe to his son? Was I in for the dumpling treat of a lifetime?

For those unfamiliar with Chinese dumplings:

The jiaozi 饺子 is a common Chinese dumpling which generally consists of minced meat and chopped vegetables wrapped into a piece of dough. Popular meat fillings include ground pork, ground beef, ground chicken, shrimp, and even fish. Popular mixtures are pork with Chinese cabbage, lamb with spring onion, leeks with eggs, etc. Jiaozi are usually boiled or steamed. Jiaozi is a traditional dish for Chinese New Year’s Eve. Family members gather together to make dumplings.

From: Answers.com

Hungry (and lazy) I decided to try Jackie Chan’s Dumplings. I had purchased the pork and greens version. Luckily, the directions were in English, although it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to cook frozen dumplings. I opted to steam them, watching my waistline and all.

jackie-chan6001Into the steaming basket of the rice cooker the potential pasta-like treats went.

I waited.

And waited.

I have not had good luck buying frozen dumplings. In the past I’ve bought package after package (there are about a gazillion different types at the supermarket) only to find they taste like something prepared by McDonalds. The kindly family that runs the local hole-in-the-wall dumpling diner makes far better fare, but sometimes you’re too lazy to walk over, or unwilling to use your lackluster Chinese to attempt a home delivery.

After a thorough steaming I plated the half-moon-shaped dumplings. With a little soy sauce and Chinese vinegar in a condiment bowl, I tucked in.


I can’t say, “Meh.”  As far as frozen dumplings go, Jackie Chan’s were not bad. An 8/10. I was surprised. Jackie, despite the list above, doesn’t endorse a lot of products.

andy-lau-copyHong Kong Superstar Andy Lau pimps everything. A trip to any section of the supermarket features his distinctive face. I’m waiting for his line of feminine hygiene products to hit the shelves: It’s only a matter of time. Mr. Lau should really wear a feathered-cap, a cape, and walk with a bling-encrusted cane. Dear Andy used little of that money to help the victims of the 2008 Chinese earthquake, but that’s another story.

Jackie Chan’s dumplings are still in my freezer. I’ll eat them when I have no other options (maybe today since there is little in my fridge.)  If his Anti Falling Shampoo works as well as his dumplings taste I may be on my way to a full, luxurious head of hair.

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  1. mercury727 says:

    Mmm, me want own Chan food!

    Me also covet Lau brand product, any product…

    mercury727´s last blog post..neondivide

  2. Quickroute says:

    Ah good commercialization – gotta luv it! – Happy New Year!

  3. Robin says:

    I am… I don’t know how to say this exactly…oh right…that’s the word…


    I will go to bed depressed at the thought that you were experimenting with frozen dumplings in a land I thought would be the mecca for fresh, where one wouldn’t have to buy them frozen.

    They look fantastic in your photos. Almost as good as those I ate two nights ago, freshly made… can’t say where. I’m thinking of nicking the contest idea from you and Ron.

    Robin´s last blog post..New Year’s Greetings

  4. Shawn W says:

    Who knew Jackie Chan had so much going?!

    Anti-falling shampoo? *giggle*

    Shawn W´s last blog post..Time For A Spiritual Checkup

  5. Stevo says:

    m727: Send me your addy, I’ll send you a boat-load. I’ll be in merry-ole-England for three weeks, drop me a line.

    QR: You too.

    Robin: I don’t mean to disillusion you. I usually eat fresh, but was sucked in by Jackie Chan’s smiling face…

    Shawn: Yes, he is a one-man corporation.

  6. Josh says:

    You gotta love the Chan-master. He has one of his clothing stores here in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang and I must say that I wasn’t too impressed with the styles. Not quite as good as his dumplings, I would presume, and much too expensive as well.

    Josh´s last blog post..Best China Blog Awards Voting 2008

  7. Pandemonic says:

    Every once in a while, I will get the urge to make these. The Japanese call them gyoza, and they’re very tasty. I’m not sure I would eat a frozen one. You’ve more guts than I have.

    Pandemonic´s last blog post..Here’s Hoping 2009 Will Be Better Than This Year

  8. madame donna says:

    Well, those look very shiny.

    madame donna´s last blog post..Toasted Almond and Toffee Candy Cake

  9. Allison says:

    I just returned from a fantastic sushi lunch at a little place here in Guelph…no dumplings but still…:)

  10. Josh: I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting a Jackie Chan Store. I can’t say it’s on my “Must Do” list.

    Pan: I’m all about guts.

    Madame: Yes, too shiny.

    Allison: I can’t understand the fascination with sushi.

    Stevo | China Travel´s last blog post..Jackie Chan cooked me lunch

  11. Jackie says:

    I buy frozen dumplings and dump them in my ramen. Good stuff.

    Jackie´s last blog post..It Wasn’t Kool-Aid, It Was Flavor-Ade

  12. Stevo says:

    Jackie: Have you been taking cooking lessons from Mrs. Stevo?

    Stevo´s last blog post..Jackie Chan cooked me lunch

  13. iWalk says:

    Ha, I love Jackie Chan too!

    I am good at make jiaozi now! Yeah, I learned the skill from my neighbor whose hometown was SanDong. Their Jiaozi tastes much great than those we buy from supermarket 🙂

    Today is our new year’s first working day!

    I hope you a happy,prosperous,healthy,wealthy,adventurous 2009!

    iWalk´s last blog post..Know Chinese Horoscopes From Chinese Zodiac Stamps

  14. Hi Steve,

    I have to say we used to buy the Jackie Chan dumplings when we were in China and they are better than most (definitely better than the ones we get here in Australia). But obviously not as good as fresh ones!

    Stephen Cronin´s last blog post..Christmas In China

  15. sir jorge says:

    i can’t believe that he actually endorsed that product, but none-the less it looks good
    .-= sir jorge´s last blog ..The Almost Drive There Now Musings =-.

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